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Brandi Broxson is an editor and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. 

She's currently Principal Writer on Fidelity Investments' founding Smart Money Team, which produces a weekly financial newsletter for millennials and Gen Z. 

Brandi was previously features editor at Real Simple Magazine and oversaw the brand's personal finance and lifestyle service coverage for nearly 7 years. 

During her career, Brandi has been published in various magazines, websites, and national newspapers. She's been quoted as an expert source in the New York Times, the Associated Press, and featured on national TV shows like Good Morning America and TODAY.

Brandi holds awards for her writing from the Florida Press Club, and Florida Press Association. She was also at Real Simple when the staff won Eddie and Ozzie's "Team of the Year" award in 2019. 

Email Brandi by clicking here.

Or follow her on Instagram.

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